Mum-of-three, 43, given months to live dies days after returning from holiday

A mum who was given six months to live has died after returning home from a family holiday.

Yvette Challinor, 43, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in January and started chemotherapy.

But the cancer then spread to other parts of the body, Stoke on Trent Live reports.

The woman was able to travel to Blackpool with her family thanks to the charity Ruff and Ruby, but only three days after returning home, on June 12, she passed away at the Royal Stoke University Hospital in in Stoke-on-Trent.

She was laid to rest at Carmountside Crematorium on Wednesday.

Her daughter Teagan Stevenson said Yvette was fine in Blackpool and the family had “a great laugh”.

She said they went out for food and enjoyed walks around the city.

But Teagan added: “We came back on the Wednesday night and on the Thursday morning I couldn’t get a conversation out of her. She couldn’t make any sense or move.

“She went in to hospital the day after we got back from Blackpool, it had come out that she had pneumonia. They said she wouldn’t make it through the night.

“She lasted from the Thursday night in the hospital to the Saturday morning when she passed in her sleep.”

Teagan added that when her mum was diagnosed with lung cancer, the family was shocked.

She said she felt “angry” when doctors told them the cancer had spread in other parts of the body too.

Yvette had worked in pottery factories, customer service roles and warehouses.

The gran-of-one had also started a college construction course before the coronavirus pandemic.

Teagan added: “She had gone back to college to get all her qualifications because she didn’t go through school when she was younger.

“She was loud, bubbly, outgoing and a very happy person. She was always talking to everybody. She’d make friends with everyone in the street.

“The minute she walked down the street she had a massive grin on her face, skipping and dancing. I used to get embarrassed of her but now I realise I took it for granted.”

Teagan said her mum was a “lovely person” who “did a lot of everything”, adding: “She’s done everything she could for us, she’s amazing. I feel proud to call her my mum.”

She added that the pair bonded even more after Teagan gave birth to her daughter as they were both mums.

When Yvette was diagnosed with cancer, Teagan was doing her GCSEs and instead of going to school and she was revising in the hospital so she could be next to her mum.

She added: “When she came out and she recovered instead of me going back to school every day I’d have one or two days off a week because mum would tell me to sit with her.

“Then we’d go to Hanley and have breakfast and then go shopping. She liked company. She hated being without us kids.

“I don’t think it’s hit me yet because I’ve had to move house, I’ve got a baby and two younger brothers to look after.

“I’ve not sat and thought about it until night-time. My brothers are taking it really hard.

“While we were away Ruff and Ruby came to my mum’s house and decorated the house from top to bottom so when she got home she had a nice clean house. They bought her a swing in the back garden. She didn’t get to see the house for long.

“They played a massive part in a lot of the memories we have had towards the end. They have been amazing.”